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It is said that eating habits of people divides them from one another more than their race, region or religion. People are likely to suffer from serious health problems when they are compelled to eat what they are not used to.

However in the fast shrinking world, one has to adapt to the local eating habits to survive. Each culture believes that what they eat is the most healthy and tasty food. The fact is, it is as difficult for a tribesman to eat at the Sunday Buffet Brunch in a five star restaurant as it for an English Royalty to eat in a remote African tribal village.

Eating habits can be broadly divided into two major groups:

  • Vegetarian
  • Non Vegetarian.

While Non-Vegetarian dishes may contain any of the vegetables, Vegetarian dishes are not supposed to contain any Non-Vegetarian ingredients. For example, usage of animal fats in preparation of vegetarian food has led to major controversies and protests from orthodox Vegetarians.

Societies who classify themselves as Non-Vegetarians do not necessarily eat all meats. Apart from cultural and social habits, religious tenets may disallow them from consuming certain meats. Some cultures strictly insist on particular method of slaughter or cooking for the food to be considered legitimate for consumption. Meats which are claimed as delicacies in one culture may prove to be highly abhorrent in another.

We may be depriving ourselves of exotic and delicious food due to the fear of breaking customs and lack of knowledge. Travelers and Immigrants have taken their local tastes to wherever they have gone. What was once considered ethnic or exotic food is getting localized to an extent that it is difficult to define its origin.

Humans have gone out of their way to complicate the eating habits. What started as a body of water called drinking hole has acquired the shape of beverages. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper, Brunches, Snacks and Sandwiches are the invention of the modern man. Providing food for people is a big business in itself. Whether it is agriculture, diary products, poultry, bioengineering or preserved food, it makes up for the major economic activity of many countries. Food supports a number of other business activities such as its production, preservation, processing, packaging, transportation, storage, distribution, preparation and serving etc. Having faced severe famines in the past, countries take enormous care to produce and stock enough food for their citizens. While the richer countries support their farming communities through subsidies, people are to this day dying of starvation in some of the poorer regions of the world.

Ultimate in the food chain are the Restaurants. Initially meant to cater to the needs of a traveler, they have come to replace cooking at home. Ever changing life styles have rendered them an inevitable part of our daily life. Where, what and how we eat may define our status in the society. A day may come when Kitchen will be but a part of the interior decoration of a modern home. Diminishing family size, work culture and lack of time have all contributed to our adapting to this alternative source of food.

Eatouzone undertakes extensive research to provide as much information as possible about foods from across the globe. The List of Foods and Cuisines of The World are updated every week to make them exhaustive. Visitors to this site are encouraged to suggest foods from their region to be included here. Contribution of Images and Details about the same are highly appreciated.


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