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Reasons to go out to eat are many. Apart from executives eating their lunch out, the most common reason is that food is not cooked at home. It may also be that you want to treat the family out over an exotic dinner. Entertaining guests or business associates, meeting up with friends over drinks and food, family get together, eating out during travel, taking your date out for dinner, celebrating an occasion, catching up with outlandish culinary are all reasons to go out and eat.

Each of the above reasons call for a different eating out plan:

Dinner by some definitions is the main meal of the day. It is not breakfast of course. When it is not the dinner, afternoon meal is called lunch and the evening meal the supper. Certain formalities may be observed while taking people out for dinner on different occasions.

Executive lunches are generally short affairs. Invariably one has favorite restaurants in each location. Colleagues who pay for their own lunch or junior level business associates may join you for such lunches. Most restaurants offer buffet lunches for the occasion. Alcoholic drinks are normally avoided. A shared pitcher of draught beer is the maximum one indulges in. In absence of buffet, a two course meal completes the outing. Desserts are seldom taken. One can expect to talk shop at such lunches.

Dinners with family are semiformal in nature. Though everyone is dressed well, there are no dress codes. An exotic restaurant is preferred and a formal one is the last choice. Drinks are limited to non alcoholic cocktails, wines and beer. Dinner itself can stretch from two to several courses, never missing on the desserts. Ordering of dishes from different cuisines, if available with the restaurant, is an accepted practice. Any conversation except official matters goes. Dinner starts at about 7 pm and last for two to three hours. Reserving a table before landing up at the restaurant avoids disappointments.

Dinners with friends are informal and noisy affairs. A restaurant on the outskirts of the city is preferred. Alcoholic drinks and starters dominate the table. A light main course followed by brandy, some cocktails or desserts takes care of the evening. There are no bars on the conversations. Restaurateurs can forget the etiquettes from this group but look forward to a fat bill and generous tips. Such dinners can start any time in the night and end at any time after midnight.

A dinner date deserves special care. Choose a proper restaurant. An exclusive quit place serving candle-lit dinners, if you can afford it, is the best. The ambience scores over all other aspects for this occasion. Select the drinks and the Hors d'oeuvres carefully, for, that is all you are likely to consume, although you may pay for a lot more dishes. Fine wines and Cocktails are in order. Delicate exotic dishes enhance the pleasure. A well furnished dessert completes the act. Go in early; the restaurant will take care of your departure time. Never forget to carry your credit card.

A business dinner is the toughest to plan and execute. It starts with the choice of the restaurant. A formal, well appointed restaurant in the heart of the up market location will fit the bill. Higher the ratings, better the dinner. Food is of little consequence - the guest will praise it anyways. Formal dress is a must. The importance of ordering the best known whiskeys and wines can hardly be overstressed. If the guest prefers non alcoholic drinks, you may also opt for the same. A good restaurant will serve a variety of excellent non alcoholic beverages. A full course meal with starters, soups, salads, main course, dessert, coffee and cognac will never go waste. Booking of table is a must again. Keeping the restaurant informed of the profile and preferences of your guests can guarantee the success of the dinner. It can last from two to three hours. Take care of seating arrangements. The chief guest sits at the head of the table and the chief host sits to his right. Never opt for the economy restaurant across the street. You may as well not host the dinner. A foreign guest can be treated to the local cuisine provided it is not overtly repulsive to his tastes. Ill manners of the guest with respect to the local customs, if any, should be ignored. Business dinners can be in the afternoon or evening depending on the convenience of the guest. 1 in the afternoon or 7 in the evening is a good time to start. They should end well before the closing time of the restaurant. The caliber of the restaurant allows you to settle discrepancies in the billing at a later time. You need not scrutinize the bill at the time of settling it. Thanking your guest for the pleasure of his company brings the dinner to a pleasant end.

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